Syracuse Scenery has installed and serviced stage curtains for more than 50 years. We KNOW what is required to achieve a successful curtain. All curtains are custom-fabricated to your specifications. Our 8,500 square foot sewing room was designed for stage curtain success and is specially lighted for color matching.

For more information about types of curtains, fabrics, construction specifications, suggested maintenance procedures, and a representative list of our completed stage curtain projects, download our Guide to Stage Curtains.

For more information or to receive your custom quote, please contact us.

Syracuse Scenery created and printed this illustration in 1973 to illustrate stage curtain terminology for our customers. Our illustration as been adopted and is used by fabric suppliers and curtain manufacturers throughout the industry.

Austrian Curtain

Custom Fabric Curtain

Decorative Straight Lift Brail Curtain

Custom Monogram